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1BTC = 36609USD
1ETH = 2155USD
1LTC = 128USD

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Frequently Asking Questions (RECOMMEND TO READ FOR EVERYONE)

General Issues

1. What I must to do to open the accounton this project ?

  • Follow this link and enter your email, after that your account number and password will be generated.


2. What is your economic base ? Are your project classic HYIP ?

  • Our source of income is high-risk exchange operations. So we are very close to a classic HYIP.


3. How long from this project is online and how long it plans to work ?

  • We started at March 30 2021 and plan to work at least one year.


4. Are your project plans scam or restart ?

  • We don't plan any scams, we will honestly pay off all investors.


5. Have the project any insurrable capital ?

  • Yes! It consists of 50000$.


6. I didn't write or lost my autorization data...

  • Follow our standard registration page. If You try to register again with your email address, your authorization data will be sent by letter.


7. I often is returned an error "try sometime late" during registration or authorization...

  • Please check, are cookies working correctly in your browser ?


Packages And Financial Moments

1. How I must choose the premium package ?

  • You may select necessary package on main page before registration or upgrade your basic (The Iron) package to premium into your personal cabinet.


2. I have activated the premium package (The Copper or high). What will be happened after the first deposit ?

  • Activation fee would be charged once. Your premium status is forever.


3. What is the maximum of deposit ?

  • The maximum deposit by one payment is 10000$, total balance amount is unlimited.


4. How often and where I will receive interest accruals ?

  • We attach your interest to main balance every hour (daily percentage / 24).


5. One hour is passed by I don't see my interest accrual...

  • Since the accrual engine trigges at 00 minutes and we count the full hours, please wait until the beginning of the next hour.


6. I think that my account statement is not enough accurate...

  • To avoid clutter, we add interest and partner incomes to the statement once a day at 00:00.


7. How long withdrawing requests are processing ?

  • In the most often situations - instantly. Except high risk operations (e.g. PayPal), in this case - one working day.


8. Who pays payment system fees ?

  • For input payments - by client, for outgoing payments - by us. Except cryptocurrencies, for all outgoing transfers client aslo pays: BTC-0.000325btc, ETH-0.00325eth, LTC-0.005ltc.


9. I saw that during withdrawal was taken 2% fee. Why ?

  • It means that You request withdrawals more often than one per 12 hours. In this case we take 2% fee.


Affiliate Program

1. How can I earn with affiliate program ?

  • Copy the affiliate link from your personal cabinet to blogs, sites, forums or other thematic resources and also use our advertising banners.


2. How affiliate rewards are accruing ?

  • You will receive automatic rewards from every interest accrual of your referrals.


3. Where I can set up my refback ?

  • Follow "My referrals" tab in your personal cabinet.


4. If my friend uses the same device with me, would I receive the reward ?

  • Yes. We don't implement any limitations about this.