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100 days online with the excellent reputation. YotaCash is the best!


PayPal maximum deposit by one operation was raised to 50 USD. More opportunities with YotaCash !


We invited more than 500 active investors during one month. Our plans for the future are grandiose !


Technical maintenance is planned on hosting.

On 28 Apr 2021 some technical maintenance is planned by hoster side. It means that some short downtime (10-15 minutes) of the site is possible during this day.


Additional advertising opportunity.

Graphic banners 150x150, 125x125 and 100x100 pixels were realized into "Advertising banners" (personal lobby) section.


We have already opened and all our subsystems are active.

Enjoy in high yield investments with us simply and easy.


Litecoin and PayPal were added to our processing ! More opportunities for investing.


Hello our dear future investors !

Today we start the final step by beta-testing of our project. It means that very soon we would open officially. Approximate date of the opening is 30.03.2021!


Domain and SSL-certificate were registered !

Our own address is

We work by our plan for start in time.